Knowing that the hammock was conceived in South America, the time it appeared remains still a
mystery…..The natives used it as a bed and passed on their weaving techniques from generation to
generation. Nowadays, the heirs of the Zenu tribe of the Bolivian region still continue this tradition.
UMAKII wants to help you discover the benefits of this authentic craftsmanship.
Our craftsmen and craftswomen design unique pieces like works of art with inspiration and love. And do
so with the greatest respect for the environment as they do not use industrial machines or chemicals: just
with their hands, a weaving loom and cotton threads.
Each Hammock thus takes several days to be completed.
Depending on the Hammock, two types of yarns are used: 
  • Natural cotton, which is dyed in an artisanal way from seeds to plants.
  • Miratex cotton, which is treated to be more resistant to the sun and weather.
You will be soothed thanks to these ancestral technics, to the liking of indigenous myths and

The diamond and round shapes of the Labrados represent the paths that the natives had to cross in order to move from one place to another to protect against the cold.
Macrame technique is also used in making blankets.
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Our Hammocks have a designation of origin assigned to the Bolivar- Colombia region recognized for making the best hammocks in the world.