About us

Umakii is an encounter of two cultures: that of Luisa, Colombian and Eric, French. From one continent to another, the couple wanted to embark on an a rich-sharing adventure. “We would like to introduce everyone to the beauty and history of Colombia through its crafts. By selecting the most beautiful pieces, made by craftsmen specializing in their field.”

Why handcrafted Hammocks?

“This idea came to us naturally while we were in Colombia during lockdown. If you have to stay at home, you might as well do so enjoying comfortably your indoors and outdoors. What better than a Colombian Hammock, a real handcrafted speciality during this downtime relaxing moment? We felt in love with their exceptional quality and authentic beauty, which is not found in any industrial Hammock.”

What are our values?

  • Offer handcrafted pieces made with love and passion in an ethical and ecological way.
  • Perpetuate an authentic and traditional art handed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years by the indigenous tribes.
  • Help support families with rural way of life by taking part in a heritage crafts association in Colombia.